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Lake Quinault Lodge - Quinault WA Real Haunts

  • 345 S Shore Rd
  • Quinault, WA
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A benevolent ghost named Beverley resides at Lake Qinault Lodge. In life, Beverly worked as a housekeeper who was burned to death when the attic caught fire. Her spirit continues to wander the lodge, opening windows whenever she pleases. However, she has been reported to throw glasses and silverware on occasion. Guests and staff believe Beverly's presence is most powerful in the restored attic.
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  • Room 216

    My wife and I also stayed in Room 216 in October of 2021. The morning after our first night in the hotel, I’m getting ready and when I go to put my shoes on there is something in them! I asked my wife why she would put rocks in my shoes.. but turns out she didn’t and they were not even rocks! More like candy-coated nuts of some kind.. just loose nuts. I also found loose nuts in our suitcase! I didn’t question it at the time but, in hindsight, it was odd that when we arrived to our room, the window was open. I don’t think staff would have left the window open. It was my first ever paranormal experience.

    Posted 11/1/23

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  • Yep....haunted

    My hubby and I stayed here I believe it was 2017. We DID NOT KNOW its haunted repuation! We check in, admired the beautiful lobby then walked up the stairs. The moment we reached the top I felt a cold chill on my neck. It was eery. I told my husband what I felt and he's usually the type to explain things away but he said point blank "yeah it's probably haunted". I have a video on Youtube of our lights flickering on and off each time we'd turn it on. I heard footsteps RIGHT next to the bed at night and my hubby heard what he describes as footsteps and a rolling sound above us. Next day I told the front desk and they said there's no one above us. It's just the attic and their friendly ghost Beverly. And yes they said Beverly. Just wanted to emphasize that because some reviews are saying the name Betty but maybe that was her nickname??

    Posted 6/12/23

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  • Night auditor at Lake Quinault

    I used to be a night auditor for Lake Quinault lodge. We were allowed to go into the kitchen to make our “lunch” at that time. I’m working late night after we’re closed and all the guests are asleep and the rest of the staff is gone. I went into the kitchen to preheat the fryers so I could drop some chicken strips. Suddenly a fork left on the metal prep table slowly slid off the prep table. I thought …. Weird… creepy ok but not a huge deal. A week later I’m sitting behind the gift shop desk adding up receipts when a couple books just drop off the canoe shaped shelf. Also weird… but that was about the most that happened to me while I was there. I had much scarier experiences living in a house across the lake from the lodge .

    Posted 2/26/23

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  • Betty the spirit

    Our room’s heater was too noisy so we turned it off by rotating the old fashioned dial to the Off position. I was awakened by the noise of the heater running in midnight and surprised to find that the heart dial was physically turned back to the On position. I sensed it had to be done by a spirit since my husband was sleeping soundly. I said to the spirit “This thermostat is too loud and I have to turn it off. But thank you for trying to keep us warm!” The receptionist confirmed the next morning that indeed they have a spirit and her name is Betty.

    Posted 2/20/23

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  • Room 216

    Me and my dog stayed in room 216 and it got freaaaaaaaaky. First, I was forced to swallow all of my mouthwash at my nightly brush teeth bedtime routine. Then, my dog was possessed by a spirit named @TedCruz he started licking me in my mouth and forced me to dance on my tippy-toes for "daddy's goodgood." Anywaaaaaays, I'm gonna go slam some ADDERRALL peace

    Posted 11/10/21

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  • Lake Quinault Lodge "ghost"

    I stayed at the Lake Quinault Lodge once in the 2000s. I don't remember the exact year or the room number now. I was only there for one night. Around 6 pm, I was reading in my room before going to dinner. In my peripheral vision I noticed something and looked up. There was a vague, foggy image of a woman in an long dress outside the door of my bathroom, and then she disappeared. I didn't feel scared, only a bit startled, and then delighted that perhaps I had seen a "ghost". The next morning, I went downstairs and noticed a tour guide was giving a group of visitors a tour of the hotel and I decided to join them. The tour guide described the fire of 1924 and that guests have often seen a ghost, perhaps of the woman housekeeper who died in that fire. I did not know about this fact prior to seeing the apparition the night before, so I came away from my visit convinced I really did see something unusual. I put quotes around "ghost", because I don't believe in them per se, that is, I don't think they are spirits or souls in the traditional sense. I rather think they may be leftover artefacts related to special instances of quantum entanglement, somehow "stuck" in space/time, and without consciousness. Well, be that as it may. A ghost by any other name, eh?

    Posted 4/13/21

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  • Room 216

    Me and my husband stayed in room 216 for a night. We were woken up in the middle of the night by a huge bang. Our cellphones had been pulled out of the wall and thrown to the ground.

    Posted 9/8/20

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  • Room 216

    I just stayed last night in room 216 and woke up in the middle of the night with someone pulling my feet trying to drag me out of bed. Eeek!

    Posted 6/23/20

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