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Dare to Explore Washington's Most Haunted Outdoor Locations

There's something truly eerie about the woods at night. Illuminated only by the moon and the stars, and inhabited by wild creatures, ghosts, and spirits, what might be considered a relaxing walk through the woods during the day turns into a heart-pounding adventure once the sun sets. ##Region##'s Woods have been home to countless legends for ages - from folktales warning of evil spirits lurking behind the dark outlines of trees, to tales of innocent camping trips gone awry, the woods of ##Region## are well known to be home to spirits that are not of this world. Find out where ##Region##'s Most Haunted Woods are, and explore the eerie side of nature - if you dare.
  • Point Defiance Park Tacoma, WA
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    Visitors of Point Defiance Park swear they have encountered the ghost of Jennifer Bastian, a fourteen year old girl who went missing in 1986. Her body was discovered off the main road of five mile drive. It is believed her ghost comes out at night and stands on the side of the road with her bike. Witnesses have claimed that her eye sockets are empty and she smiles eerily at anyone who... Read More

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